If you're looking for efficient collaboration, you've come to the right place. Here is the foundation for improving an organisation's ability to collaborate.

The figure describes an information arena to support a situation adapted management.

The systems approach is based on digitisation of the entire business function in order to facilitate analysis and assessment of available information in relation to goals and tasks. The aim is an improved situational awareness.

The starting point is a digitised socio-technical twins who cooperate with each other within the framework of a digital arena. The arena is formed around common goals and tasks.

Digital Arena
The figure describes how an actor acts as a digital twin.

The arena has its own interoperability separate from the actors, which means that the interoperability can be managed according to the situation and continuously follow the needs and requirements of the joint collaboration.

Extended areas


Conditions that apply in and around a current situation or event.

Situation Awareness

An interpreted situation picture with compiled information related to the current event.

Situation adapted collaboration

Decision-making based on collective knowledge of the current situation, goals and opportunities.

Digital twin

A digital twin is a socio-technical entity that has the ability to interact with other twins.


Status of all abilities available or in use.


Includes all types of declared and enabled socio-technical entities where these are available via feature and capability pools.


The arena is the digital environment where digital twins interact with each other.


Actors join the arena via an actor extension.


Interoperability between digital twins is one of the core capabilities of this foundation.