If you're looking for efficient collaboration, you've come to the right place. Here is the foundation for improving an organisation's ability to collaborate.

The idea is based on the concept of "Pooling and Sharing" as support for creating networking organisations where the social perspective is in focus with its ever-changing relationships.

Networking Organisation
The figure describes how actor organisations transforms into a networking organisation.

The design is based on digitalisation of business function in order to facilitate analysis and assessment of available information in relation to shared goals. The aim is an improved situational awareness.

Digital Arena
The figure describes how an actor function transforms into a digital twin.

The digital arena has its own interoperability separate from the actors, which means that it can adapt and follow the shared networking business.

A digital collaboration provides a supportive environment for creating a common operating picture (COP).

Business Arena
The figure describes an information arena to support a situation adapted management.